About our RV Detailing

Looking to get your RV wash, detailed, or ceramic coated. Well if so you have come to the right place. We offer both mobile RV and in shop RV washing, detailing, and ceramic coating.

Our RV washing is a great way to maintain your RV and keep it looking good.

Our RV detailing service is a great way to not only have your RV cleaned up but to also have wax or a sealant applied to not only protect the finish but to make future washing and cleaning much easier.

Lastly our RV ceramic coating service is going to be hands down the BEST PROTECTION you can put on your RV. We offer RV ceramic coatings with either a 3 year or a 5 year warranty. For more details and information about our RV ceramic coating please contact us directly.

What’s included with our RV Detail

  • Full exterior hand wash, clean door jambs, gas cap, etc...
  • Clean wheels, tires, fenders, etc…
  • Clay, multi stage paint decontamination
  • Throughly dry vehicle
  • Apply ceramic sealant to exterior paint / gel coat
  • Wipe down door jambs
  • Shine and protect exterior plastic and trim
  • Shine and dress tires with UV protection
  • Clean windows and mirrors
  • Prep surface and apply ceramic coating if opted for the 3/5 year warranty ceramic coating

RV Exterior Wash Pricing

(Pricing is based off condition) $10-15 Per Foot

RV Exterior Wash, Clay, Wax / Sealant Pricing

(Pricing is based off condition) $15-25 Per Foot

RV Exterior 3 Year Warranty Ceramic Coating

(Pricing is based off condition) $50-75 Per Foot

RV Exterior 5 Year Warranty Ceramic Coating

(Pricing is based off condition) $75-100 Per Foot

Myths and FAQ About Ceramic Coatings

There are many ceramic coatings on the market now a days that offer 2 year, 3 year, 5 year, and even LIFETIME WARRANTY! The truth is like with any warranty read the fine print. Many warranties require you to jump through all these hoops, or pretty much don't cover things that should be covered. 

Here at Cruising California Auto Detailing we offer both ceramic coatings with warranties and without. BUT more importantly we educate our clients on what they can realistically expect to see with each coating we offer.

Feel free to give us a call and will be happy to talk with you and get you set up with the right ceramic coating for you.

We recommend and suggest your paint be polished before having a ceramic coating applied as any imperfections such as swirls and scratches, bird drop etchings, water spots, etc… will be under the ceramic coating.

Now if a client comes to us and only wants us to apply a ceramic coating and not perform any polishing or paint correction we are happy to do so but we still inform the client that any flaws or imperfections in their paint will remain. The ceramic coating will not fill in or hide swirls and scratches or flaws in the paint.

Now a days the "term" ceramic coating is being used pretty loosely. There are over the counter spray bottles of ceramic coating that are not a genuine ceramic coating. Those over the counter ceramic spray coatings will only last a few months.

Now genuine ceramic coatings that will last for years should be installed by a professional auto detailer who knows how to properly prep, use, and level the ceramic coating to ensure there is no high spots and that the coating is installed correctly.

Despite what some crazy videos you may have seen online has shown you most of those videos are all smoke and mirrors and not real. We know because we have tested it.

However there are some amazing benefits that ceramic coatings do have to offer which will get too in a second. Some ceramic coating companies or detailers out there want you to think that coatings are this indestructible shield of protection that goes on your vehicle and it will provide protection for a lifetime. This is simply not the case. Before we offer our clients a product we personally thoroughly test our products in real world situations so we can educate our clients on what they can expect.

There are companies out there who will sell you a “lifetime warranty ceramic coating” but what they usually won’t tell you is that in order for that lifetime warranty to be valid the vehicle needs to be brought in once every 6 months or a year to maintain that coating which usually costs a few hundred dollars.

Also read the fine print as there are a lot of exclusions that the detailer may not inform or educate you about the "LIFETIME WARRANTY".

No matter how many layers of ceramic coating are applied you're not going to protect your paint against rock chips. If you’re looking for protection against rock chips contact us about our clear bra services we offer that will protect against rock chips.

The Ceramic coatings we offer will not turn yellow or discolor over time.

Typically the way we determine if a ceramic coating is still there is when you’re rinsing down the vehicle after washing you should see the water on your paint beading up. Over time the coating will start to break down and you will noticed the water beading action is not like it once was. Then you will know its time to have your vehicle ceramic coated again.

It is not recommended waxing your vehicle after it is coated as that will limit the anti-static characteristics of the coating. What we suggest is using a dedicated Si02 based ceramic spray sealant every few months if you want to boost the life of the coating.