Exterior Car Detailing

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Exterior Car Detail

Is the exterior of your vehicle in need of some TLC? Maybe you just purchased a new vehicle and you're looking to have your vehicle paint cleaned and protected? Well you’ve come to the right place. Our Wash and Wax service will not only leave your vehicles paint looking great and feeling silky smooth but will also protect your paint from the suns harmful UV rays as well as making future washing a breeze.

Now some of our clients really want to take the shine on their vehicles paint to the next level. Our paint polishing and gloss enhancement service will do just that. This service will enhance the gloss and shine to your vehicles paint and can be added on for a small fee. Or for those who are looking to have their vehicles paint look brand new again, then our Paint Correction Service would be perfect for them.

What’s included with our Exterior Car Detail

  • Full exterior hand wash, clean door jambs, gas cap, etc...
  • Clean wheels, tires, fenders, etc…
  • 3 stage paint decontamination
  • Throughly dry vehicle
  • Wipe down door jambs
  • Apply Si02 based Ceramic spray wax sealant (3-6 months paint protection)
  • Wipe down door jambs
  • Shine and protect exterior plastic and trim
  • Shine and dress tires with UV protection
  • Clean windows and mirrors

Our pricing

(Small / 2 Door) $125-150

(Mid-Size / 4 Door) $150-200

(Trucks / SUV) $175-200

(X-LARGE Trucks / Lifted Trucks) $200-250

Add on services

  • Paint Polishing / Gloss Enhancement: $150-250
  • Upgrade to a polymer sealant for $50 more (6-12 months paint protection)