Cruising California Auto Detailing

ultimate detail Plus+


Starting at: $2500 (Cars) Time est. 5 days

Starting at: $3000 (Trucks/SUV's) Time est. 5-7 days


-Hand Wash

-Engine Detail
-2 Stage Paint Decontamination
-Level 2 Paint Correction
-Glossy Swirl Free Paint Finish 

-3 Year Ceramic Paint Coating​

-Wheels Removal & Deep Cleaned

-Apply Ceramic Coating to Wheels/Calipers/Exhaust Tips
-Clean & Condition Tires
-Clean & Treat Trim
-Clean Door Jams
-Clean & Polish Windshield

-Clean All Windows & Mirrors

​-Coating All Exterior Windows, Mirrors, moon/sunroof and Windshield


-Vacuum Seats, Carpet, Trunk, etc.​

-Clean & Condition Vinyl, Plastic, & Trim
​-Steam Cleaning/Spot Treatment
-Clean Gauges, Knobs, Buttons, & Vents
-Clean Steering Wheel
-Clean Windows

-Deep Clean Seats/Leather Seats

-Apply Fabric Guard to Carpet/Fabric Seats

-Apply Coating to Leather Seats/Surfaces

Ultimate Detail plus+ Video