Cruising California Auto Detailing

Windows & Windshield Coatings


$75 Windshield Coatings

$150 Windshield, Windows, Mirrors, & Moon/Sunroof

Here at Cruising California Auto Detailing we offer windshield, windows, and mirror coatings. These coatings are extremely hydrophobic and allow water to fly off effortlessly helping make it safer to drive in rainy conditions 

Paint Chip Touch Up


Starting at: $50

Cruising California Auto Detailing offers rock chip and scratch touch up. This is a popular service to help hide / repair damaged areas to make less noticeable and help prevent rusting.

Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspections


Starting at: $300

Cruising California Auto Detailing offers vehicle pre-purchase inspections. The inspections we perform go beyond what carfax can offer. There are many aspects that are covered in our inspection that will help give you the piece of mind and bargaining power knowing you are purchasing a vehicle that has been throughly checked out looking for any possible repaints, accidents, or other possible issues.

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Clear Bra Paint Protection


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Cruising California Auto Detailing is now proud to offer our clients the next level in paint protection. Clear Bra Paint protection has been around for years and is hands down the best protect for your vehicle.

Clear bras offer up to 10 year warranties, and have many other great benefits such as self healing abilities, rock chip protection, and more!

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