Cruising California Auto Detailing

Ceramic Paint Coatings


Starting at: $300 (Cars)

Starting at: $350 (Trucks/SUV)

Here at Cruising California Auto Detailing we offer Ceramic Paint Coatings. These ceramic coatings significantly increase the durability of protection to your paint's finish. Waxes and paint sealants typically last 2-6 months. The Ceramic Paint Coatings we offer are semi-permanent coatings that offer 2-5+ years of protection. 

These semi-permanent paint coatings bond to your paint's finish providing protection against... light swirls and scratches, harmful UV rays, water spots, bird droppings, harsh chemicals, and more.

Not only will the ceramic coating provide your vehicle with superior protection, it also adds an incredible deep glossy shine and has a self cleaning effect, making it tougher for dirt and other contaminants to adhere. It also makes washing and maintaining your vehicle a breeze.

-Before having Cruising California Auto Detailing apply the ceramic paint coating it is highly recommended that the paint correction service be performed as any swirls and scratches will be sealed in and locked under the ceramic paint coating. 

Ceramic Coatings Video